SphereEx-DBPlusEngine 1.4.0 Release: Enhanced Data Governance for Enterprises

04/04/2023by SphereEx

SphereEx-DBPlusEngine 1.3.0, released in January, received a lot of attention and feedback from users and customers. To meet their needs and focus on the industry's future development, we developed a release schedule based on feedback and are excited to announce the release of SphereEx-DBPlusEngine 1.4.0. This version includes significant updates that optimize the migration process and enhance security features such as in-process audit, archiving, and DDL consistency.

New Capabilities Meet Core User Demands

1. Archiving: Support for automatic deletion of expired data

Archiving expired data is a common requirement, and SphereEx-DBPlusEngine 1.4.0 now supports the automatic deletion of expired data. By defining a specific time field in the data table, the system can automatically delete data stored in the table that exceeds the specified time. This simple configuration process saves time and improves efficiency while also enhancing security.

2. DDL consistency: Support for consistent execution of DDL statements

DDL consistency has always been a problem in a distributed database environment, especially with sharded tables stored in multiple storage nodes. SphereEx-DBPlusEngine 1.4.0 now supports consistent execution of DDL statements, which can be combined with locks to ensure consistency. This guarantees the maximum concurrency of SQL execution and enhances efficiency.

Optimized Design Makes Products More Stable and Efficient

1. Enhanced migration process: Support for migration of multiple tables with one DistSQL task

Traditional data migration processes execute multiple table tasks in parallel to improve efficiency. However, each DistSQL task can only migrate one table, resulting in low efficiency and manual configuration requirements. SphereEx-DBPlusEngine 1.4.0 now supports the migration of multiple tables with one DistSQL task, greatly improving efficiency. Users only need to specify the tables that need to be migrated in the task configuration.

2. Enhanced security features: Support for in-process audit

In the field of database technology, security has always been a significant issue. SphereEx-DBPlusEngine 1.4.0 introduces support for in-process audit, an important security mechanism that audits relevant SQL operations during execution. With built-in algorithms, it can audit relevant data changes and support two audit actions: log alarm and immediate fuse. This feature enhances system security and allows users to audit and trace more effectively.

About SphereEx-DBPlusEngine

SphereEx-DBPlusEngine is a product based on the open-source kernel ShardingSphere, providing enterprise-level enhanced data services such as data sharding, distributed transactions, and data security for businesses. It consists of two products: SphereEx-DBPlusEngine-Driver and SphereEx-DBPlusEngine-Proxy, both of which can be deployed independently and support hybrid deployment. They provide standardized data horizontal scaling, distributed transactions, and distributed governance, and can be applied to a variety of diversified scenarios such as Java, homogeneous/heterogeneous languages, cloud-native, etc.

The release of SphereEx-DBPlusEngine 1.4.0 provides users with a series of new core features and major updates, further expanding the scope of application scenarios for SphereEx-DBPlusEngine and improving efficiency in practical environments. Choosing SphereEx-DBPlusEngine 1.4.0 can not only provide a more stable, efficient, and secure data governance solution but also offer more professional and complete enterprise-level services, reducing costs while accelerating digital business innovation.

Free Trial

SphereEx-DBPlusEngine 1.4.0 is now available for free download and trial on the SphereEx official website. We are also an AWS APN technical partner, and every version of SphereEx-DBPlusEngine is packaged and released on AWS Marketplace. AWS users are welcome to find our offerings on AWS Marketplace to download and experience SphereEx-DBPlusEngine and unlock the convenience and efficiency of cloud-based digital services.

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