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Product Introduction

What's SphereEx-DBPlusEngine?

SphereEx-DBPlusEngine is a self-developed, enterprise-grade high-performance database enhancement platform that offers a pluggable architecture with functional modularity. Along with data storage, it provides a range of advanced capabilities for database application architecture enhancement, including data sharding, distributed transactions, data security, and more.

Product Architecture


Core Capabilities

Data Sharding
SphereEx-DBPlusEngine transparently splits the database and tables, making it easy to use the database cluster after horizontal sharding. This solves the problem of database scaling under massive data, high concurrency, and low latency scenarios.
Elastic Scaling
The platform dynamically scales up or down according to the state of the storage layer nodes, ensuring that upper layer business needs are met while minimizing resource consumption.
Data Encryption
SphereEx-DBPlusEngine provides enterprises with a multi-platform and heterogeneous data security solution based on its data encryption feature, which requires zero changes to the original code.
Read/write Splitting
With transparent read/write splitting, users can easily use primary/secondary database clusters as if using a single database.
High Availability
The platform supports database discovery capability, automatically senses the databases' primary/secondary relationship, and corrects the connections between the computing node and the database.
Data Migration
SphereEx-DBPlusEngine reduces the impact of data migration and provides a one-stop data migration solution.
Traffic Governance
It enables an integrated management capability that opens up from the database to the compute nodes, providing fine-grained control of components in the event of a failure and offering the possibility of self-recovery wherever possible.
Data Double Write
The platform adopts a unified database protocol and syntax access, supports synchronous writing into asynchronous data sources, and achieves strong data consistency protection.
Permission Engine:
SphereEx-DBPlusEngine provides a unified permission management mechanism, using logical databases and tables for permission management, which is isolated from the real databases and tables at the lower level, making it easier for users to understand.

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