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Distributed Database
Data Security
Database Replacement

Lightweight Distributed Database Solution

Designed to maximize efficiency of data operation and storage expansion in high-concurrency scenarios of massive databases.

Massive Scale and High Concurrency
High Elasticity and Scalability
Low Risk and Low Cost


Massive Data Scale

Data storage expands from GB/TB to PB level.

High Concurrency and Low Latency

Accommodate higher concurrency access and lower latency response.

High Elasticity and Scalability

Meet the rapid development of new businesses.

Low Risk and Low Cost

Avoid potential technical risks and support low-cost replacement.

Our Solution

Our solution addresses the bottleneck of standalone databases in massive storage and computation while reducing the risk of replacing the architecture. We achieve nearly linear data storage capacity and concurrent throughput without replacing the original architecture. Our solution provides users with features such as data sharding, distributed transactions, and elastic scalability, ensuring the stability of the standalone database and meeting the dynamic expansion needs of storage and computation.


Zero Replacement

Our engine supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, openGauss, KingbaseES, and more - for easy and hassle-free implementation.

Low Cost

Ensure cost-effectiveness for your business. Lower your application transformation costs, hardware procurement, and labor costs.

High Performance

Capable of multi-end access capability and ultimate performance in distributed scenarios.

High Reliability

Built on mature standalone databases and stateless computing nodes, our engine is suitable for even the most demanding scenarios.

High Scalability

Our engine features the separation of storage and computing and multiple access terminals, allowing flexible configuration of multi-level computing power and storage.

Ease of Use

With a graphical UI console and standardized SQL, our engine offers a flat learning curve, making it easy to use for anyone.

Experience the power of our next-gen database engine with a free trial.
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