SphereEx-DBPlusEngine V1.3.0: Enhanced Functionality for Better Data Governance

04/04/2023by SphereEx

SphereEx is excited to announce the release of SphereEx-DBPlusEngine V1.3.0, which comes with significant updates to provide enterprises with enhanced data service capabilities. Here are the key improvements in this release:

  • Data migration and horizontal scaling: The new update allows users to implement Proxy-based clustering migration, which enhances the computing and data processing capacity of the cluster. Additionally, DBPlusEngine simplifies the operational steps for data migration, making it easier for users.
  • Data masking: The latest update now features mask rules that deform and blur key data when certain key information queries are made, ensuring the safety of sensitive data.
  • Single table to shard table: The Scaling tool in the new update allows the automatic conversion of a single table to a shard table, simplifying users' operations.
  • Driver log collection and metrics monitoring: The DBPlusEngine-Driver form now has the same capability as DBPlusEngine-Proxy, which allows for the visual display of logs and monitoring metrics collected on the Driver side, improving users' experience in log retrieval and monitoring scenarios.
  • Fuzzy query calculations: The new implementation of like calculations in encrypted scenarios supports fuzzy query calculations.
  • Encrypted/decryption data cleaning File Transfer Protocol: In cases of an interruption/failure during encrypted data cleaning, DBPlusEngine can continue to start the data cleaning task based on File Transfer Protocol.

SphereEx-DBPlusEngine-Mate: Fully Supporting All DBPlusEngine Capabilities

In addition to the updates to SphereEx-DBPlusEngine, the DBPlusEngine-Mate has come to the v0.3.0 version, which supports all DBPlusEngine capabilities in cloud environments. This allows users to use DBPlusEngine out of ZooKeeper in a Kubernetes environment to get closer to cloud-native ways of managing DBPlusEngine.

The DBPlusEngine-Mate is a metadata management tool in cloud-native scenarios that seamlessly integrates governance capabilities such as sharding, encrypted data cleaning, read/write separation, and high availability into the Kubernetes metadata system. This allows users to eliminate dependency on ZooKeeper on the cloud, reducing the cost of machine resources and the burden of operations and maintenance staff.

Other Benefits of the DBPlusEngine-Mate v0.3.0 update:

  • Guarantees the integrity of DBPlusEngine functionality.
  • Empowers users to fully use DistSQL in the cloud.
  • Optimizes the user experience on the SRE side.
  • Provides SREs and DBAs with the same operational experience as a cloud-native database.

Experience SphereEx-DBPlusEngine V1.3.0 Today!


(SphereEx-DBPlusEngine v1.3.0 Product Library page)

SphereEx-DBPlusEngine V1.3.0 is now available for download on the SphereEx official website. Contact our staff to get a limited-time license and experience all the features of SphereEx-DBPlusEngine v1.3.0 for free. AWS users are welcome to find our offerings on the AWS Marketplace.

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