SphereEx Joins the openGauss Community

In May, SphereEx signed the Contribution License Agreement (CLA) and officially joined the openGauss community.
12/12/2021by SphereEx


SphereEx and openGauss are compatible business partners. ShardingSphere led by SphereEx is an ecosystem-based product positioned above multi-model databases to link applications and databases. The product abstracts the link layer and transforms it into the pluggable platform with enhanced services.

Concurrently, SphereEx's partner openGauss is an open-source relational database management system with high availability, high performance, high security, and easy operations. The collaboration symbolizes openGauss's approval on ShardingSphere's open source distributed database solution that meets user demands in complex big data scenarios.

SphereEx will continue to assist openGauss in developing its distributed database function. Currently, SphereEx is focusing on the integration of ShardingSphere and openGauss, to add the core distribution capability (i.e. horizontal scaling) to its high performance. ShardingSphere will be fully integrated in openGauss, being imperceptible to users.

ShardSphere has been planning to boost other features in integration with openGauss, such as data security, stress testing data redirection, in addition to database horizontal scaling.

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