SphereEx-DBPlusSuite V1.1.0 is Released!

We're releasing SphereEx-DBPlusSuite V1.1.0 with improved enterprise governance efficiency and enhanced user experience.
11/09/2022by SphereEx

We're releasing our business suite's newest update - SphereExDBPlusSuite V1.1.0.

SphereEx-DBPlusSuite V1.1.0 is a distributed cloud-native database enhancement computing platform, focusing on enterprise-grade customers' real-world usage scenarios.

The new release upgrades the capabilities of SphereEx-Boot and SphereEx-Console while optimizing features that answer challenges faced by financial, e-commerce, and Internet-based enterprises.

Together, the two products provide a solution applicable to scenarios such as lightweight distributed databases, data security, and digital transformation - redefining the boundaries of data governance.

Features & User Applications

SphereEx-Boot V1.1.0

SphereEx-Boot V1.1.0 is a Python-developed command line tool for the simplified management of SphereEx DBPlusEngine-Proxy clusters. It serves as a one-stop installation tool for the SphereEx business suite, providing users with an effortless installation & deployment experience.

As the entry offering to the SphereEx business suite, the new release also supports the installation and deployment of SphereEx-Console.

SphereEx-Console V1.1.0

SphereEx-Console V1.1.0 is a data visualization platform for the management of the SphereEx enterprise data services platform. It provides a one-stop solution with ShardingSphere at its core and a user-friendly experience, packaging resources, instances, and clusters.

New Features:

  • Enhanced security: an account system is added. MySQL database can be used for storage.

  • Enhanced user experience: redesigned interactive interface from the perspective of DBAs (database administrators), making it easier to use SphereEx-DBPlusEngine.

  • New feature: log center is added to achieve unified management of cluster logs (i.e. slow logs, audit logs, and running logs).

SphereEx-Console, the SphereEx business data services cluster platform centered on managing Apache ShardingSphere, simplifies user configuration, operation, and deployment processes.

Focusing on user experience, this new release optimizes and adds many capabilities while lowering entry barriers for beginners.

Coupled with our ongoing commitment to address enterprise data management pain points, this release delivers enhanced DevOps capabilities to enterprises.

SphereEx-DBPlusSuite v1.1.0 is a crucial step in improving user experience within our enterprise-grade data management ecosystem offering.

It improves the user experience and capability of the SphereEx product range while supplementing Apache ShardingSphere's shortcomings in terms of deployment, management & visualization, greatly improving enterprises' DevOps efficiency.

For future releases, SphereEx-DBPlusSuite will continue to follow the Database Plus development concept for distributed database systems, to build an ecosystem on top of fragmented heterogeneous databases.

We'll continue pursuing our goal of providing globally scalable and enhanced computing capabilities based on Mesh while maximizing the original database computing capabilities.

Official Website: https://www.sphere-ex.com/

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