SphereEx and Apache ShardingSphere are on the StackOverflow Podcast!

SphereEx and the ShardingSphere community are on the StackOverflow podcast! Our CTO and ShardingSphere PMC Trista Pan & Head of International Operations and ShardingSphere Committer Yacine Si Tayeb introduce data sharding, database innovation, ShardingSphere, and the state of open source in China.
09/27/2022by SphereEx

Our Co-Founder & CTO Trista Pan, also ShardingSphere PMC, and Yacine Si Tayeb, our Head of International Operations at SphereEx and Committer at ShardingSphere, joined the Stack Overflow podcast to share about Apache ShardingSphere.

They shared the advantages of data sharding and how it splits a database into smaller distributed databases to spread query load across multiple servers.

During the conversation, they introduced the complexities that arise with large databases, the rise of open source in China, and how Trista’s position as the only female Apache member in China can help other women get into technology.

Check out below the episode notes, and the links to the podcast.

Podcast episode notes

  • ShardingSphere builds distributed data systems, making it easier for organizations to load balance massive data stores across multiple servers.

  • Now that open source software has taken over Western software, it’s China’s turn. Even big companies like Baidu and Bytedance are opening up their projects.

  • Trista is the only female Apache member in China, which is both an honor and a demonstration of how much work needs to be done to support women in STEM.

Link: China’s only female Apache member on the rise of open source in China (Ep. 414)

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