First Look at ShardingSphere 5.2.0 & In-Person Meetup on Massive Data Management Practices

On September 3, the first in-person meetup of the ShardingSphere Community was held in Beijing. You can learn about the best practices and technical highlights of Apache ShardingSphere's latest release - version 5.2.0. The latest version has taken a giant leap forward in terms of its features, performance, testing, documentation, examples, etc.
09/27/2022by SphereEx

The ShardingSphere community revealed and demostrated Apache ShardingSphere v5.2.0 at this meetup.

Four technology experts from the developers’ community are invited to give you a detailed analysis of the following:

  • How ShardingSphere can rapidly improve the data application ability of ordinary users driven by cloud scenarios.
  • Comparison of data management effect between traditional data processing methods and ShardingSphere.
  • Experience the ShardingSphere’s ecosystem simple operation in response to diverse e-commerce scenarios.

First Look at ShardingSphere 5.2.0

New Features

The 5.2.0 release brings the following new features:

  • Data sharding and SQL audit.
  • Specific DistSQL for data migration & heterogeneous migration.

Best Practices

  1. Enhance user’s ability to manage ShardingSphere Newly added features, including data sharding, SQL audit, and MySQL SHOW PROCESSLIST & KILL, can enhance users’ capability to manage ShardingSphere.

  2. Add heterogeneous database migration for users Specific DistSQL for data migration and heterogeneous migration is added. Data can be migrated from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

  3. Provide enhanced and complete cloud solutions Version 5.2.0 transfers Helm Charts from ShardingSphere repository to the shardingsphere-on-cloud sub-project, to provide more complete cloud solutions for ShardingSphere.

Thanks to the practices and testing of the open source community and internal and external business systems, ShardingSphere can achieve stable and constant iterations. We will continue to help developers participate in building an open source ecosystem and apply cutting-edge technologies in the database field.

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