QCon Shanghai 2021 | Zhang Liang: My Career Change From Open Source Developer to CEO in 10 Years

On QCon starting from Oct 21 to 23 in 2021, Zhang Liang, Co-Founder of SphereEx will share with the audience his story: how he changed his role from open source engineer to CEO of an open source business over the past 10 years.
12/12/2021by SphereEx

Open source is hot. More and more businesses see open source as part of their tech exploration and at the same time, people try to transform their open source projects into commercial systems.

The six-year-old open source project Apache ShardingSphere has made some achievements and since this year, it has started to delve into its commercial path.

Time: Oct. 21-23, 2021 Address: Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview


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