Apache ShardingSphere & Sohu

Sohu offers a network of web properties and community-based products and services for Chinese users.
09/27/2022by Yacine Si Tayeb

The Apache ShardingSphere community team visited Sohu.com headquarters for in-depth discussions with their counterparts at the internet giant. At the meet-up, Juan Pan, Apache ShardingSphere PMC and SphereEx CTO, elaborated on Apache ShardingSphere’s capabilities.

Sohu, Inc., an integrated Internet company with a rich history and comprehensive lines of business, uses ShardingSphere products in their multiple lines of business, such as social media and video services. Driven by ShardingSphere-JDBC and with ShardingSphere-Proxy as the container management platform, ShardingSphere provides support for Sohu in all aspects, helping Sohu relieve database traffic stress.

At the event, engineers from Sohu.com expressed great interest in Apache ShardingSphere 5.0. Juan Pan presented a full overview of ShardingSphere’s architecture, client end access, community building and the Database Plus concept.

Navigate & Solve Industry Challenges

Due to the complexity of enterprise database systems, and the heavy cost of databases, service providers are supposed to provide enterprises with mainstream database products as well as products and services that can meet multiple needs.

Facing diverse users' needs and increasingly diversified products in the database market, one viable solution could be database deployment and functions with higher flexibility and scalability.

By creating upper-level standards and ecosystems for heterogeneous databases, Apache ShardingSphere provides diversified functions that can precisely meet enterprise needs. As an ecosystem consisting of multiple adapters, by using a hybrid deployment model of ShardingSphere-JDBC and ShardingSphere-Proxy, Apache ShardingSphere enables users to configure sharding strategies through one console and to flexibly create application systems that suit the needs in different scenarios. This allows engineers more freedom to build system architectures that could best suit the needs of their ongoing projects.

ShardingSphere’s Deployment Architecture

Centering around connections, incremental and pluggable features, and based on a pluggable architecture, Apache ShardingSphere creates a powerful kernel architecture in the form of a micro-kernel.

Based on its powerful kernel capabilities, Apache ShardingSphere products can provide users with ideal solutions for distributed database, data security, database gateway, and full-link stress testing, helping increase the efficiency of enterprises and users.

Overview of Apache ShardingSphere’s Functions

When it comes to future optimization, Pan believes that some deficiencies remain in Apache ShardingSphere’s performance and this is particularly true for ShardingSphere-Proxy’s adaptor.

In the future, the community will double down on improving its kernel, minimizing business and data performance loss of the Proxy, improving routing and rewriting logic, reducing creating database objects, and avoiding excess young GC.

Apache ShardingSphere Open Source Project Links:

[ShardingSphere Github] (https://github.com/apache/shardingsphere/issues?page=1&q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A%22project%3A+OpenForce+2022%22)

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