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What We Do

Ideal solution for large-scale data applications & data value-added applications

Apache ShardingSphere

Powered by Apache ShardingSphere, to build a heterogenous database upper standard and ecosystem

Database Mesh

A powerful tool for data access management, innovating database access to the cloud

SphereEx Enterprise

Enterprise data computing platform

Why SphereEx

SphereEx was founded Apache ShardingSphere’s core developer team to provide enterprises with a new generation of open source heterogeneous distributed data service platform, and to provide products and solutions that are closer to enterprise business scenarios. Our core competence is to improve users’ data service capabilities, by creating upper-level standards and ecosystems for heterogeneous databases.
To help enterprises easily deal with complex data application scenarios due to increasing database fragmentation, SphereEx took the lead in proposing the Database Plus concept, creating a new way of leveraging and managing data, and improving the overall level of enterprise data application.

Plugin Platform

Developers can leverage our plugins to configure all, or some of ShardingSphere features – according to their needs.

Cloud Native

Born for cloud native. We created the “Database Mesh” concept to help extend data services, to be perfectly integrated with the cloud.

Distributed Transaction

Our products support various distributed transactions. Users can choose strong consistency or eventual consistency to meet their demand for data consistency in a distributed environment.


Distributed SQL (DistSQL) is ShardingSphere’s standard database language, allowing users to operate distributed resources and rules.

Elastic Scaling

Elastic scaling makes storage and computing capability scalable, satisfying users’ increasing resources demand.


Utilizing ShardingSphere, users feel as if they were directly operating a database – without having to change their database protocols.

Who We Are

Our Teams

From engineering to HR, marketing, sales, finance and legal, learn what makes our teams tick, which fit is right for you, and where opportunities await.

Open Source at Our Core

Our founding team is composed of Open Source enthusiasts. We believe in Open Source values, and our commitment to the community is firm and enduring.

We’re Hiring

Just like our products, our company finds strength in talent. For us, it’s critical to building a great company and great products.
Distributed Data Service Platform
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