Simplifying Data Management for Developers

Enhance your SphereEx experience with SphereEx-Boot and SphereEx-Console

Product Introduction


SphereEx-Boot is a Python-based command line tool that simplifies the management of SphereEx-DBPlusEngine-Proxy clusters, enabling easy installation, start-up, shutdown, status check, and uninstallation.


Effortless Implementation

You can run any ShardingSphere-Proxy cluster component with a single command line, making it quick and easy to deploy.

Streamlined DevOps

Our streamlined management of ShardingSphere-Proxy clusters enables you to reduce your operation and maintenance costs and save valuable time and effort.

Easy to Expand

With standardized horizontal expansion function, you can dynamically expand the cluster anytime and anywhere by increasing the number of data servers.

Product Introduction


SphereEx-Console is an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) platform, designed to seamlessly manage and control the SphereEx Enterprise Data Service Platform, with Apache ShardingSphere as its core component.



Eliminating configuration errors, SphereEx-Console greatly improves user experience by providing an intuitive graphical interface for operating the SphereEx Enterprise Data Service Platform, achieving "zero" platform bottlenecks.

Streamlined Management

SphereEx-Console offers a comprehensive solution that manages and controls the SphereEx Enterprise Data Service Platform, from basic resources to plugin capabilities, evolving the management capabilities of the open-source version.

Real-Time Data Visualization

SphereEx Enterprise Data Service Platform provides a powerful data visualization and management dashboard that offers real-time insight into clusters, instances, and host monitoring data. This intuitive interface enables users to easily identify and troubleshoot issues, improving overall platform performance and reliability.

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