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About Us

About SphereEx

SphereEx builds distributed data infrastructures while delivering a SaaS exprience through the cloud, and was founded by the core team of Apache ShardingSphere.

ShardingSphere is "platform-based, pluggable, cloud native" a open source ecosystem to transform any database into a distributed database system and enhance it with data sharding, elastic scaling, encryption features & more.

To empower enterprises to easily deal with complex data application scenarios created by increasing database fragmentation, we created the pioneering "Database Plus" and "Database Mesh" concepts - designed to unlock innovative data usage.


Build open source based heterogeneous database standards & ecosystems

As the most important carrier of data, the database plays a vital role for enterprises’ digital transformation. As data increases with use case complexity and the number of diversified scenarios, the threshold of using data directly through the database continues to increase, creating unacceptable enterprise bottlenecks.

ShardingSphere provides enterprises with a new data experience thanks to a standard layer and ecosystem layer above the fragmented databases’ basic services. It enables actual enterprise implementation scenarios to thrive, while contributing valuable solutions to the community and the database industry.


Serve the world and become the new engine for data-based ecosystems

ShardingSphere aims to create a Database + SphereEx (Database + Ecosystem) dual-engine capability thanks to the Database Plus concept. Based on existing database capability, data service capability is enhanced, creating a new data power source.

At the same time, through the Database Mesh concept, this capability is truly plug & play and on demand. Without affecting the original data service method, it achieves a double-engine acceleration effect similar to a catalyst and multiplier.


Customer centric, trustworthy, driven by excellence

  • Customer Centric — As technology and consulting professionals, we are proactive, put ourselves in the clients’ shoes and help them achieve their objectives.
  • Trustworthy — As a startup we set out to break barriers and expand cooperation opportunities. Working with our partners, we're building an outstanding open source ecosystem, creating new data service standards and improving the data industry environment.
  • Driven by Excellence — Our team strives to break conventions & think outside the box, exhaust all possibilities, and iterate quickly.

Why Join Us

Technological Leadership

Our founders’ efforts led to the success of ShardingSphere, an Apache Top-Level project and one of the most popular open source Big Data projects. We will continue to work on cutting-edge technologies such as cloud native technologies, distributed databases, DistSQL, and heterogeneous database management in the future.

Venture Capital Recognition

Our investment rounds were led by some of the world’s top VCs, demonstrating a high degree of confidence in our development prospects.

Welcoming Engineer Culture & Atmosphere

Our elite team possesses a strong technical background, and previously served in key roles for many industry leaders. With us you won't be a cog in the machine, your personality deserves respect.

Global Open Source Mindset

We advocate open source, and embrace an international mindset. Here you will not only build technical skills, but also develop an international vision.

Open Positions

Overseas Technical Operations
Job Description
  1. Responsible for building the company's overseas technical influence, and continuously improving the company's image and positioning in open source communities.
  2. Engage in discussions of overseas open source communities, organizations and forums, laying the foundation for cooperation. Able to assist users in solving technical issues and answering their technical questions.
  3. Cooperate with the engineering and business teams, to understand product technical advantages and characteristics, and assist overseas promotion and open source community building.
Job Requirements
  1. 3+ years of experience in software development,software architecture, or consulting, etc., with proven knowledge of databases, distributed databases, cloud, cloud native and big data.
  2. Strong understanding of the current technical trends,and be able to understand the future industry direction and evolution.
  3. Logical, strong writing skills.
  4. Self-starter, good team player and excellent communication skills.
  5. English native speaker or native speaker level.
  6. Passionate about open source, preferably an active contributor to an open source project & experienced in the development or operation of open source projects or communities.
  7. Previous overseas working experience is preferred.
Infrastructure Engineer
Job Description
  1. Participate in the design, development and maintenance of Apache ShardingSphere.
  2. Continually improve the architecture, extensibility, availability and performance of ShardingSphere.
  3. Proactively solve key issues and technological problems in the system.
  4. Engage in the building of a product quality assurance system, improving automated test coverage such as unit test and integration test.
  5. Follow the Apache Way, and proactively engage in promoting open source and contributing to building the open source community.
Job Requirements
  1. Bachelor's degree or above in computer science, software engineering or similar relevant field.
  2. In-depth knowledge of Java, previous working experience in IO and concurrent programming, and hands-on experience in MySQL/ PostgreSQL database, and Linux.
  3. Prefer clean code and can perform ShardingSphere development standards.
  4. An active self-starter, self-motivated and responsible, with excellent teamwork skills and ability to work in a fast paced environment.
  5. Knowledgeable about ShardingSphere, having an active GitHub account or personal blog, having experience with community or open source projects are considered a plus.
  6. Basic written skills in English.

Contact Us

  • Business Consultingbiz@sphere-ex.com
  • Technical Consultingtech-c@sphere-ex.com
  • Resume Submissionhr@sphere-ex.com
  • Media Cooperationpr@sphere-ex.com
  • Company Address706-708, Tower A, China Gateway Plaza, 11 Dongzhimen South Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
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